Application Security as a Service (ASaaS)

AppSec as a Service

Protect your applications with 24/7 monitoring, response, and threat hunting driven by AppSec experts and collective intelligence.

Helping you implement best practices, minimize workload, and maximize productivity.

Accelerating AppSec programs

Launch your Application Security program with no infrastructure investments.

Expanded security expertise

Get fast remediation throughout your SDLC with robust assessments by seasoned security experts.


Fast, frictionless security gives your developers the confidence to code securely without sacrificing quality.

Industry leading expertise

Supporting 1,000+ vulnerability categories across 29 languages and spans more than 1m individual APIs.

Are you ready?

take your application protection to the next level

No matter where you are in your application security journey, we can guide you to the best outcome. From filling your skills gap with some training or staff to assisting with technology choices, deployment and management, we offer scalable information security consulting that fits your needs and your budget.