Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)


Bringing a new approach to modern AppSec – Next-Gen WAF for Next-Gen Apps

Next-Gen WAFs provide new ways to see threats, support local and cloud deployments, and allow your security to scale at the same pace as your applications.

Neutralizes more advanced threats
Tightly coupled to your apps
Unbiased detection & protection of your apps
Aligns easily with DevOps
Protect any app on-prem or in the cloud
Real-time visibilty
Highly-scalable and highly efficient
Are you ready?

take your application protection to the next level

No matter where you are in your application security journey, we can guide you to the best outcome. From filling your skills gap with some training or staff to assisting with technology choices, deployment and management, we offer scalable information security consulting that fits your needs and your budget.