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Achieve the application security you need to mitigate today's advanced threats. Get mature before getting attacked.

We help you take control of your application security. We do it by providing unparalleled platforms & services that meet your specific industry or use case requirements. We guide your AppSec shift left by moving security into all phases of your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Application Security

It's no secret that apps are powering our productivity. It can also be argued that those same apps are the No.1 attack vector for cybercriminals, and the main source of breaches. To stay ahead of the bad guys, we offer you solid guidance and a proven roadmap for maturing your AppSec program.

Runtime Protection

Ideally, developers would have better hygiene and not write applications with vulnerabilities—but they do. We help you to speed up your application releases without worrying about those vulnerabilities by embedding automated real-time blocking right into your application runtimes.

Cloud Security

Cloud's here to stay—it's not going away. But things like credential abuse, cloud misconfigurations and lack of central visibility can leave your infrastructure vulnerable to new breaches. We help you to build a comprehensive application and data security strategy for any cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is tricky, expensive, and crammed with challenges. We inspire you to get way more serious about privacy and to better grasp where your data lives, how you process it, store it, and use it. Then we help you to remediate vulnerabilities to meet those compliance mandates, and mitigate any risk of fines, lawsuits and damaged reputation.

what we do

Delivering business critical app protection

Next-Generation Web Application Firewall (NXGN-WAF)

Next-Gen WAF is a unified, autonomous solution with real-time and end-to-end visibility into existing and future web application security threats. It provides seamless and robust protection, even against new attack vectors.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewall is a protective shield for your web assets. It monitors and filters traffic to & from your website, blocking bad actors while safe traffic proceeds normally. With a team of security researchers continuously updating virus definitions and threat profiles, you gain peace of mind that your protection remains up to date.

Container Security (CS)

Container Security gives you complete visibility of container hosts wherever they are in your global IT environment—on prem and in clouds. You can see your complete inventory and security posture from containers to hosts.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)

Static Application Security Testing i.e. analyzing your apps without running them (aka white-box testing), are tools to scan the source code of your web apps. Used as part of the code review process, your developers can check if their code is safe, your QA/testers can double-check it, and in both cases, SAST can be automated by including it in your SDLC.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

Dynamic Application Security Testing i.e. testing your working apps or devices, usually through their inputs & interfaces (aka black-box testing), are tools for pen testers to help them perform black-box attacks on your apps. Simulating an end-user, they analyze runtime web app security using HTTP requests, links, forms, etc. Business-class DAST vulnerability scanners are designed for automation and integration into your CI/CD pipeline.

Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

Are any of your company’s apps relying on a vulnerable source code library?
Software Composition Analysis checks components in your apps for known vulnerabilities, and offers early visibility into multiple types of risk that can be introduced by third-party and open-source components.

Mobile Application Security (MAS)

Have you checked your apps lately? Mobile app vulnerabilities are exploited every day, resulting in expensive data breaches and loss of public trust.
Mobile Application Security ensures Android & iOS apps are free of vulnerabilities & data leaks.
Professional Services

Delivering comprehensive app-level protection throughout your SDLC

We bring DevSecOps capabilities to your development and testing teams by injecting frontline, high-performing, automated security technologies and shifting your security to the left.

We combine these technologies with professional services to offer turnkey projects to build cutting-edge application security programs from Policy to Production.

Focus on growing your business, knowing your most valuable apps are secure and in compliance.

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managed Services

Inspiring a proactive approach to app security

Predictable costs, cybersecurity experts, integrated technologies, unparalleled threat intelligence—no new hires, no need to upskill, free-up resources, minimize your business risk.

Deliver the application security coverage you need across your full app portfolio by adding highly flexible managed services to your unique security program.

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“As an Authorized Partner of Sonatype, Opticca Security pushes a customer-first approach to building security and governance into modern CI/CD pipelines.”
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