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Secure Your Cloud.

Protect Your Apps.

Build Resilience.

Opticca Security operates best-in-class technologies and a rigorous process to protect your data.

We help you take control of your application security. We do it by providing unparalleled platforms & services that meet your specific industry or use case requirements. We guide your AppSec shift left by moving security into all phases of your software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Teamed Up with Industry-Leaders to Optimize Your Security Environment


Reduce Your Risk and Build Layered Protection to Detect, Isolate and Mitigate Cyber Attacks

Adopt a ‘defend forward’ approach to cyber risk to help build cyber security that allows you to scale and keep pace with the challenges.

Zero Trust Security
Cloud Security & Compliance
Container Security
Content Delivery Network Security

Secure Your Code as You Develop

End-to-end monitoring and mitigation steps that integrate into your developers' existing workflows.

Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)
Software Composition Analysis / Open Source Security & Compliance (SCA / OSS)
Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)
Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)

Deep Strategic, Operational and Tactical Expertise to Help You Identify and Close Security Gaps

Proactively assess, mitigate, evaluate and monitor your security risk profile. Expertise to help strategize, design, deploy and optimize your business’ cybersecurity.

Current State / Future State Gap Assessments
Integration & Implementation Services
CDN/WAF Migration Services

Comprehensive Suite of Smart Technology & Threat Intelligence Services

Extending your IT teams capacity to protect applications, computing, and network infrastructure with fully managed, advanced and scalable security solutions.

Managed WAF Services
Managed CDN Services
Managed Application Security Services
Managed Zero Trust Security Services

Playing Nice with Your Favourite Tools


Trusted by Leading IT Experts

Harry Macey
CTO,  Dynamo

They took the time to listen to our needs when it came to security and performance. With their help we were able to deploy a WAF and CDN in record time. We have a true ally in Opticca Security!

Opticca Security has been a game-changer for our business & customers. They not only offer incredible value, but they're a trusted partner that I would recommend to any one of my clients. I consider them an extension of my team!

Jon West
Regional Sales Exec,  Sonatype
Prem Ranganath
VP Quality & Risk Mgmt,  Trilliant

Opticca Security demonstrated how Nexus Lifecycle fits into a DevOps practice, helping Trilliant’s teams deliver secure code at a higher development velocity.

As an Authorized Partner of Sonatype, Opticca Security pushes a customer-first approach to building security and governance into modern CI/CD pipelines.

Nexus Partners,  Sonatype
Michael Stephen
Privacy & Security Officer,  Connect for Health Colorado

As a US Healthcare Marketplace, we have very high federal compliance standards for protecting customer data and needed a partner that has deep expertise in development, security, and the CloudFlare stack of services that are a key part of our security architecture. Opticca Security successfully delivered the full implementation, integrated and collaborated extremely well with our internal development teams, and adds great value with continuing support.


Proud to Protect the World’s Leading Enterprises