Introducing our first Authorized Service Delivery Partners for Cloudflare One

By authorizing partners who meet our high standards for services delivery, we are providing customers with a clear path to trusted advisors who can help them navigate their journey to a cloud-delivered SASE architecture.

Cloudflare's commitment to building the most compelling and easy-to-use SASE platform on the market has led to significant growth over the past year. Cloudflare One services have seen the fastest adoption among our customers, with a 3x increase in partner bookings and a 70% YoY increase in transacting partners. Partners consistently cite the simplicity of our platform, our innovation, and our global network as key differentiators that are driving strong customer demand.

To continue building on this momentum and deliver required services that our customers may require, we previously announced the creation of our new specialization track for Authorized Services Delivery Partners (ASDP) as part of our efforts to continue growing our partnership program.

Cloudflare's Authorized Services Delivery Partner track is designed to authorize partners that meet our high standards for professional services delivery around Cloudflare One. Partners who undergo the rigorous technical validation process and meet the criteria for security, performance, and reliability of their services delivery capabilities are designated as Cloudflare Authorized Service Delivery Partners. This designation provides a variety of benefits, including access to Cloudflare One sourced opportunities requiring services, access to named Cloudflare One Service Delivery Managers, and access to special partner incentive funds designed to ensure that authorized partner services are actively used in Cloudflare One customer engagements.

In addition, we're pleased to announce that our authorized partners, with their deep skills and capabilities, will play a critical role in the Descaler Program. Authorized partners will work closely with customers to understand their unique needs and goals, and provide strategic consultation and technical expertise throughout the migration journey. Authorized partners will also have the opportunity to leverage the Descaler toolkit to automatically export settings and configurations of deployed Zscaler products to be migrated into Cloudflare, enabling a frictionless transition to Cloudflare One.

Since launch, Cloudflare One's Authorized Services Delivery Partner track is having a notable impact on our partner ecosystem, providing a framework for partners to showcase their expertise in Cloudflare One services and delivering high-quality professional and managed services to customers. The program has attracted a diverse range of partners who bring different skillsets and expertise to the table, including Zero Trust security assessments, network transformation, and advisory and migration services, among others. By authorizing partners who meet our high standards for services delivery, we are providing customers with a clear path to trusted advisors who can help them navigate their journey to a cloud-delivered SASE architecture.

We are thrilled to now announce the first partners who have achieved the ASDP designation.


CDS enables strategic change by partnering with best-in-class technology providers like Cloudflare, delivering the professional services wrap that ensures that organisations get the best value from their chosen technology including strategic guidance, implementation, architectural governance and for clients with complex needs, a managed service. CDS’ approach ensures Cloudflare services are continuously optimised to the highest standards and that clients achieve the fullest value from their licence. CDS offers a Cloudflare certified team of experts with genuine market experience, who can solve significant security challenges while allowing clients to see their projects from multiple angles, encouraging more secure, creative and innovative solutions

Miguel Ferreira, Head of Cloud Services for CDS says:

"We are thrilled to be one of the first partners in EMEA to achieve Cloudflare’s ‘Authorized Service Delivery Partner’ status. Being a part of this program is critical for us because it validates our commitment to excellence and provides us with the tools and support we need to deliver successful engagements. At CDS, we consider ourselves to be the champions of our clients, helping them to navigate and enable change. Part of this is giving our clients confidence to make significant technology decisions that could make or break their aspirations for digital transformation. Being able to rely on a professional services partner with, in this case, Cloudflare Authorized Services Delivery Partner status, significantly reduces the risk associated with these types of decisions. We look forward to working closely with the Cloudflare team to deliver innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences.”

Primary Guard (APJC)

Primary Guard provides a leading-edge cybersecurity solution that specializes in IT & network security services in Southeast Asia, delivering fast and secured websites through tailor-made solutions that comply with cybersecurity best practices and performance requirements such as DDoS protection and DDoS mitigation, business endpoint protection, and access control management. They are the award winner for 2020 Cloudflare APJC Partner Champions under Partner System Engineer of the Year category. Being a leader in cybersecurity service provider in ASEAN region, their Lead Security Consultant is also awarded as Cloudflare Community MVP for 2021-2023.

Commenting on their designation as an Authorized Service Partner, Johary Mustapha, CEO of Primary Guard says:

“We are thrilled to be a part of the Authorized Service Delivery Partners program which recognizes Primary Guard's expertise in zero-trust solutions and adherence to industry best practices. Being a part of this program truly validates our commitment to excellence and provides us with the tools and support we need to deliver successful client engagements across industries and of all sizes. We look forward to working closely with the Cloudflare team to deliver more innovative cybersecurity solutions and exceptional customer experiences.”


AZ Asia-Pacific is a full-fledged Cyber Security Distribution Services Hub headquartered in Singapore with offices and operations in Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong that works with the best of breed System Integrators and Service Providers across the Asia-Pacific Region. AZ AP focus is on delivering quality Solutions and Services in Cyber Security Technology, which includes Zero Trust Network Architecture, Application Security, Cloud and Network Security.

According to Jeremy Woo - Founder & CEO of AZ-AP:

"We are honored to be included in the prestigious Authorized Service Delivery Partners program. This recognition reflects our proficiency in zero trust solutions and our dedication to upholding industry standards, while also providing us with invaluable access to exclusive benefits and resources that will enable us to better support our partners. Joining this program is essential for us because it validates our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding service and equips us with the necessary tools and support to deliver successful engagements. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with the Cloudflare team to deliver ground breaking solutions and unparalleled customer experiences.”

Layer8 (EMEA)

LAYER8 is a company fully focused on the business of information security and compliance management. With more than 80 highly specialized professionals, they deliver solutions that add value to the business and simplify the adoption of information security in organizations around the world. Cloudflare Zero Trust Platform embodies these qualities with its simple and flexible yet highly secure architecture.

Fernando Cardoso, COO at Layer8 says:

“Being part of the Authorized Service Delivery Partners program not only acknowledges our proficiency in zero trust solutions but also equips us with the necessary resources and support to carry out successful projects, enabling us to serve our clients more effectively. This partnership with Cloudflare will certainly strengthen our focus on innovation and business value creation activities.”

Opticca Security (AMER)

Opticca Security is a boutique consulting firm specialized in Edge, Cloud, DevOps and Application Security. Supporting Mid, Large and Enterprise organizations across North America integrate & automate security controls across multiple facets of their IT architecture and software development pipelines. Opticca Security has been a certified Cloudflare Solution reseller and Services partner since 2019 and continues to benefit from Cloudflare’s innovative technology stack, coupled with Opticca Security’s expertise regarding Application Modernization and DevSecOps enablement.

Managing Director Joey Campione from Opticca Security offers their perspective on their achievement, stating that:

“We are very excited to be involved with Cloudflare’s Authorized Services Delivery Partner program, as it will permit us to continue to drive superior security and performance to our existing and future clients. Cloudflare’s continuous investments in platform innovation and the partner ecosystems is allowing us to help our customers be more efficient and competitive by modern standards”.

These partners have demonstrated their expertise in Cloudflare One services and their commitment to delivering high-quality services to customers. We congratulate them on this achievement and look forward to continuing to work with them to deliver exceptional value to our mutual customers.


As of today, Authorized Service Delivery Partner Program has two specializations: ASDP Zero Trust Services and ASDP Application Services. We are also planning to launch two additional specializations in the near future: ASDP Network Services and ASDP Edge Developer Services. Our goal is to work closely with our partners to develop comprehensive solutions that deliver real value to our customers. The launch of additional specializations will provide even more opportunities for our partners to differentiate themselves in the market.


At Cloudflare, we remain committed to building a strong and strategic network of channel partners who can help us deliver the best possible services and solutions to our customers. We are excited to continue growing our partnership program and to work with our ASDP partners to deliver exceptional value and results. If you are a prospective partner interested in the ASDP track, please see our Cloudflare Authorized Service Delivery Partner validation checklist for details on the application process. If you are an existing Cloudflare partner, please reach out to your named Channel Account Manager for additional information.

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